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Uncle Ringo Terrick On His Journey To Healing.

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

It takes a lot courage and strength for someone to dig deep and start their healing journey.

Wurundjeri Gunnai Kurnai Elder Ronald Ringo Terrick is currently a resident in recovery at Odyssey House after his success at working through detox and counselling.

Uncle Ringo has vast cultural knowledge of country and is experienced in working with archeologist’s mapping out sacred sites and walking the land.

It has been a hard road for Uncle Ringo, he was taken from his family as a child and the tragic death of his father broke his heart.

During his life he has experienced institutionalisation, addiction, family violence and homelessness but his love for his family and culture has given him the drive the heal from his trauma and take a different path.

His road to recovery started to happen after a life changing event that gave him a better understanding of his cultural responsibility to himself, his people and country.

Uncle Ringo was drawn to Camp Sovereignty during the Stolenwealth Games and the BLACK GST action held on Kings Domain in 2006. This became Uncle Ringo Terrick's turning point.

He says from that point his soul started smiling again and he felt stronger in his culture.


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