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VAHS Open Day To Celebrate NAIDOC 2022

The Victorian Aboriginal Health Service established in 1973 is a staple for Aboriginal people in Victoria it holds a community space, once a political statement in the early days many who fought for the need to have a culturally safe place for people to come and to know that they had all their medical, dental ,health and well being and now many other medical services in one place has become a important sacred space to many people young and old who use the service and have been coming to VAHS for the last 49 years, the service is growing and has more VAHS medical centres in the northern suburbs of Melbourne to help those who live and work further out of the CBD area.

Now in its 49th year VAHS held an open day to Celebrate NAIDOC 2022. With many people coming to enjoy the day with face painting, reptiles encounters, mini golf and jumping castles the VAHS staff held a beautiful lunch and 3KND were there to broadcast.

A special thanks to our guests who joined Grant and Lorena.

Dave Arden

Alan Brown

Bradley Brown

Dr. Rosie Dawkins - Eye Health

Tony McCarthy - VAHS Chairperson

Happy NAIDOC #GetUpStandUpShowUp


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