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VIC NAIDOC 2020 Celebrations

Vic NAIDOC 2020 Celebrations were held in Collingwood Neighbourhood House hosted by Stevie Thorpe, Daman Shrivastav and Stace Piper. A good crowd attended and for many it was a first time to see family and friends after many months. The music was epic, the food unbelievable and the event a big tick for NAIDOC organisers. Community appreciation was high.

The Food was prepared and served by DD's Kitchen. Daman a chef and family who have been supporting homeless people and others in need during COVID invited his friends helpers along highlighting what services DD Kitchens provide.

They wanted to help mob celebrate NAIDOC by providing all the food for free. DD's Kitchen have been holding a free lunch every Sunday at Collingwood Neighbourhood house for the last 5 weeks.

DD's Kitchen in partnership with the VIC NAIDOC committee bring an event of Celebration, Culture and fun.

Always Was, Always Will Be!


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