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Violence Against Women is NO laughing matter - Andy Saunders explains why.

Funny Man Andy Saunders finds disrespecting women no laughing matter. In fact the proud Biripi man, father of four and husband Andy Saunders throws his weight behind encouraging others to unmute themselves and call out disrespect of women. In a heart felt video supporting the ‘Stop it at the Start’ campaign, Andy talks with son Tyler about the positive influencers in his life when it comes to respect for women and how he teaches his own children. Andy joins host Natasha Ferre on Standing Strong Together about his own childhood trauma and the reasons why he is so passion to be an ambassador for this campaign.

A Federally funded campaign that is now in its third phase and aims to help reduce violence against women. It’s called ‘Stop It at The Start’ and in conversation with Andy Saunders campaign supporter. The Stop it at the Start campaign encourages adults to positively influence the attitudes and behaviours of young people aged 10-17 years by role modelling positive behaviour, calling out disrespect and starting conversations about respect.

Stop it at the Start aims to unite the community around positive actions everyone can take to break the cycle of disrespect and ultimately, violence against women.

Community influencers and campaign supporters Kristy Masella, Andy Saunders, Renee Thomson, and Sean Choolburra share a common message—even the simplest, smallest actions can make a big difference for young people and for our community.

If You See Disrespect, Unmute Yourself. We All Have The Power To End Violence. Staying Silent Tells Our Kids Disrespect Is Okay. Let's Stop It At The Start. Prevent Disrespect. Start A Conversation.

Listener caution: the following podcast discusses disrespectful behaviours. Although our message encourages respectful behavioural changes amongst individuals, violence isn’t always physical. Support is available for people experiencing violence and abuse. For phone counselling, call 1800RESPECT (1800 737 732) or visit

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Alice Smith
Alice Smith
Jul 10, 2023


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