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Wiradjuri Artist Karen Lee Mungarrja's, Artwork Creations At Northland Shopping Centre.

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Wiradjuri artist produces inspiring art collection for Northland Shopping Centre Northland Shopping Centre has commissioned Wiradjuri Artist Karen Lee Mungarrja to create artworks as part of a permanent collection for display throughout the centre.

The “All Are One” collection, or Ngumbaay-dyil in Wiradjuri language, represents a multi-layered story referencing the Wurundjeri Peoples, Aboriginal culture and the unique diversity of the Darebin community that celebrates, nurtures and provides unique opportunities for all people to have a voice.

After a rigorous selection process and in consultation with Wurundjeri Elders, Dubbo-based Wiradjuri woman Karen Lee Mungarrja was commissioned to create five artworks that encapsulate the vision for Northland Shopping Centre and incorporate and celebrate the characterful community that is Northland.

Commenting on her collection, artist Karen Lee Mungarrja said, “Working on a project like this is an opportunity to tell both cultural and community stories in a way that brings us together.

“Creating artworks that are layered with meaning and highlight Aboriginal culture has been a challenge and a privilege.”

The commission is also set to encompass the stories of future generations, and the continued developing nature of this diverse region and the community’s values.

Northland Shopping Centre’s Art Consultant, Catherine Asquith said, “The collection is a significant artwork commission that celebrates community. Elder knowledge and contribution specific to the project was an essential part of the commissioning process.

“This was important to allow for a culturally enriched artwork commission, a nuanced understanding of the commission’s cultural importance, as well as providing a platform of knowledge-sharing and engagement with Wurundjeri Elders.”

Underlying themes to each artwork in the series include the importance of acceptance, social and environmental consciousness, and the development of the community for future generations.

Northland Shopping Centre, Centre Manager Simon Brown said the artwork is a perfect way to celebrate the local area’s history.

“The Darebin region has a significant history and we’re delighted that our visitors can visually experience the stories of the land, the people and the rich culture at Northland.”

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Warren Atkinson
Warren Atkinson
Oct 09, 2023

Wiradjuri artist Karen Lee Mungarja amazingly embodied 3D buttons in her painting. Her talent and skill never cease to amaze me. Every button on the canvas looks like it's ready to jump right out of the 3D buttons picture. This artistic take on the 3D theme adds depth and realism to the artwork, making it truly unique and inspiring. I hope to see more creative work from this artist!

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