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Words of Wisdom from Aunty Eleanor Bourke!

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

“My goal is to see that recognition of Traditional Owner groups is carried through to all aspects of everyday life, beyond just cultural heritage matters.” - Eleanor Bourke (

Words of wisdom from Aunty Eleanor Bourke. Samantha Alexis caught up with Aunty Eleanor on Balit Dhumba - Strong Talk about Aunty Eleanor's astonishing career spanning the 70s through to Aunty Eleanor's most recent involvement on the Victorian Aboriginal Treaty Working Group and what was the main motivation along the way. Aunty Eleanor talks about the importance of education and being informed on matters that effect community - such as Treaty; just one of many pearls in this interview. Closing with some words of advice to our young people and those that will walk in the footsteps of our Elders. Listen up!


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