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Wunyun Ingidenous healing through ancient traditional ways and modern modalities

Peta is the Founder and practioner at Wunyun ancient Indigenous healing. Peta is very proud of her Indigenous/Indian heritage and has been practicing the ways of her old people for many years. She has a strong belief in the powers of ancient traditional healing and has shared her knowledge with many of her peers, colleagues, family, friends and clients.

With a passion for reviving traditional plant medicine, medicinal healing products and teaching cultural practices, Peta continues to expand her practices and develop lush natural healing products. I have done this by facilitating & delivering contemporary ceremonies, healing sessions & nontoxic products, restoring the traditional homelands of my ancestors through recycling & planting indigenous plants.

Peta joins us on Standing Strong Together to update us on her new Indigenous Medicinal plant based products and explain how her Ancient Individual Healing Sessions are helping to support everyone from community and beyond.

Peta has worked extensively in Government & Indigenous Community Organizations across health, education & welfare.

Through Wunyun, Peta covers a range of workshops;

• Cultural training workshops

• Group traditional healing sessions

• Women’s business workshops

• Essential oil workshops & bush medicine workshops

• Art workshops

For more information check out

Peta Hudson joins us on this Standing Strong Together podcast.


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