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Yatu Widders Hunt speaks about Indigenous Fashion

Indigenous Fashion is growing in its popularity. Yatu Widders Hunt is a proud Aboriginal woman who is a communications professional and founder of online community, Australian Indigenous Fashion. Yatu is a Director of Indigenous Social Change Agency, Cox Inall Ridgeway and works across media, arts, politics and journalism. She founded Australian Indigenous Fashion two years ago and is passionate about celebrating the stories of Indigenous fashion and design. Yatu spoke on 3KND.

This exciting fashion conversation brings together some of the best Indigenous storytellers, to celebrate the power of fashion as a way to share culture, connect to community and continue one of the world’s oldest storytelling traditions. Come and hear incredible speakers as they tell the stories of their favourite fashion items and explore the cultural elements of fashion and design. This event is hosted by proud Aboriginal woman and founder of Australian Indigenous Fashion online community, Yatu Widders Hunt, and presented as part of the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival’s Ideas Program.

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mahima mantri
mahima mantri
Mar 27, 2023

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