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Yirgjhilya Lawrie Honours her Family Ties and Culture

From South Australia to Far North Queensland and now Melbourne, brings Yirgjhilya, a talented singer who finds her inspiration, confidence and strength within her community and family. Daughter of Coloured Stone's Bunna Lawrie, Yirgjhilya grew up in a musical family allowing her to develop her creativity and musical expression from a very young age. Yirgjhilya Lawrie speaks to Gman on 3KND. Her dedication to being a mentor for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth resulted in being awarded and crowned Victorian Miss NAIDOC 2019. She uses her musical talent to persevere in holding Indigenous culture. After performing at shows such as Share the Spirit Festival,

The 80th anniversary of the Cummeragunja Walk-Off, St Kilda Festival, Yirramboi Festival, Umi Arts: Big Talk One Fire and the ABC’s NAIDOC Special, Yirgjhilya will finally release 'Baganar,' her debut single on July 20, 2020. ‘Baganar’ is written in Yergala-Mirning, an Aboriginal language from the Far West Coast of South Australia and translates to ‘call out’ and ‘rise up’. There are approximately less than six fluent speakers of Mirning left and as a new wave of Indigenous Artists emerge, they're now returning to their mother tongue. Yirgjhilya honours her family ties and culture through her own self-expression, bringing you a powerful and soul tingling call for unity among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people for the troubling times ahead.


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