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Yorta Yorta Elders Say "No" To Victorian Treaty

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

Less than 24 hours ago, the Yorta Yorta Council of Elders released a statement rejecting the Advancing The Treaty Process with Aboriginal Victorians Act 2018.


Yorta Yorta Council of Elders "Trick or Treaty?" Statement
Yorta Yorta Council of Elders "Trick or Treaty?" Statement

The statement was released on the Yorta Yorta Nation Aboriginal corporation's facebook page at 5:14pm on 19 June.

According to the statement, the current Victorian Treaty Process is viewed " a trip wire and only a pathway to assimilation...". It also states "...nor will any of our Yorta Yorta of [sic] Elders be nominating for the People's Assembly."

Upon request for comment from the Victorian Treaty Advancement Commission, 3KND was told that this was a local to Yorta Yorta matter.

The statement received mixed response from the community, with people taking to facebook with messages of support as well as some voicing concern.

Among those voicing support on facebook was username Simone SilverLining Spot: "Spot on 100% support in principal. The current treaty process is 100% sham and gubbament is pouring millions of dollars of money to treaty stooges."

"Always respect my Elders but shouldn't the organisation have had these meetings with community first and then make a united stand? Do we have a say? I've never ceded my rights as a Yorta Yorta descendant when I signed to become a member. I'm not saying I support treaty. I'm saying, consult members first." - Narida Miller (via facebook)

"No Treaty" Information Sessions

To further promote its stand, Yorta Yorta Nation Aboriginal Corporation will be holding "No Treaty" information sessions during July 2019.

Those sessions will be held in Melbourne, Shepparton and Echuca, with dates to be conformed. According to the statement all Yorta Yorta People are invited to attend.


Important Notes: 3KND will be providing additional more in-depth coverage of this story in next Wednesday's Balit Dhumba programme at 11am.


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