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You Grow Them, Know Them. Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Kerry Patford brings more than 30 years of nursing experience to her role as the Chief Clinical Leader for the McGrath Foundation where she provides support and advice and assists in the professional development of McGrath Breast Care Nurses right across Australia.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This year, just over 20,000 Australians – both women and men – are expected to be diagnosed with breast cancer. That’s more than 56 people every day who will require specialist care. And there’s lots of mob included in that number.

Sadly, COVID has meant that many people haven’t gone to get a breast screen examination because they’re afraid to do so, in case they get the virus. So what else can we do?

This Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the McGrath Foundation is encouraging us all to learn how to check our breasts, and most importantly, to seek medical attention if you notice anything unusual. With some screening services still temporarily closed, there’s never been a better time to “get to know your pair”.

Kerry leads a team of Clinical Leaders to deliver key projects around breast care nursing practice, professional development and support to 171 McGrath Breast Care Nurses. She maintains her clinical currency practicing as a McGrath Breast Care Nurse in regional Victoria and provides leadership and expertise to other cancer care organisations, universities and governments, consulting on a range of projects to improve care and treatment for patients and their families.

CALL TO ACTION: To show your support for the McGrath Foundation and the wonderful work of their McGrath Breast Care Nurses do, visit On their website, you can also find Breast Care Nurses in your area and more information on breast awareness

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