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3KND's Health Yarn Show identifying Important Issues to discuss for Communities

The Health Yarn Show has started bringing you information on supporting your health and how to access services not only in the North-East but across Victoria.

The show will be played on Thursdays at 11.00 am till midday and repeated the next week in case you miss anything, and pod cast on 3KnD website.

Stay tuned for more as NEPHU and 3KND will be bringing you more exciting episodes in the weeks ahead where we dive into key Indigenous health topics such as diabetes, mental health, and overall well-being.

A special thank you to our radio host, Erica Higgins, and a big shout-out to our NEPHU team members Dr. Annaliese van Diemen, Tina Kelb, Rob Franzone and Emma Tindill, for their fantastic work!

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