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Bec James the Project Manager for the Boite Schools chorus has a chat on Big Brekky about Maiem.

Bec James the project Manager of the Boite Schools chorus and I will be having a chat to Bec around 8am on Big Brekky on 3KND KoolBec James is the Project Manager for the The Boite Schools Chorus 'N' Deadly about The Boite Schools Chorus and their new project called Maiem - Songs of the Torres Strait.

This is an un-auditioned choir project for schools and community youth choirs. Since 2004 the Boîte Schools Chorus has involved over 9000 students from across Victoria in 42 concerts in Melbourne, Frankston, Ballarat, Bairnsdale & Albury.

The Boite Schools Chorus project invites students into a new world through song, builds confidence, broadens horizons and develops valuable performance and interpersonal skills.

This year, they will be working with Stella Savy in collaboration with Meriam educator and musician Deb Lowah Clark and Meriam cultural advisor, musician and thespian Luke Captain, offering school communities across Victoria an exciting opportunity to learn about Zenadth Kes - the Torres Strait Islands.

While the Torres Strait Islands are often mentioned when referring to Australia's First Nations, their rich cultural heritage remains relatively unknown to many. 'Maiem: Songs from The Torres Straits' sheds light on the unique identity, culture, and history of the Torres Strait Islander people.

Through this musical journey, audience members gain valuable insight into the beauty and significance of these glorious islands and the communities who call them home.

Immerse yourself in the songs and experience the rich cultures of Zenadth Kes - the Torres Strait Islands as hundreds of students from schools across Victoria come together in a massed choir spectacular.

Tickets to the shows at Melbourne Town Hall and in Ballarat are on sale now.

The Boite Presents The 2023 Boite Schools Chorus 'Maiem': Songs from The Torres Straits


Location: Melbourne Town Hall | 90/130 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Dates/ Session Times: Thursday 3 August

Session 1 - 1pm

Session 2 - 7pm

Tickets: $30, $15 (child), $0 (First Nations audience members)



Location: Mount Clear Secondary College | 59 Olympic Ave, Mount Clear VIC 3350

Dates/ Session Times: Saturday 26 August

Session 1 - 1:00pm

Session 2 - 7:00pm

Tickets: $30, $15 (child) $0 (First Nations audience members)


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