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Blackfire Performs Live At The Retreat Hotel

Naraam produced one of the most exciting bands to fire up the Melbourne music scene. When Blackfire formed in early 1993 they immediately attracted the attention of well-known musicians and journalists who sang the band’s praises and offered support gigs.

Members had all previously played in Melbourne based and national bands including the popular Aboriginal rockers band Coloured Stone.

Blackfire Christmas show at the Retreat Hotel Sydney Rd Brunswick drew an intimate crowd to hear Blackfire perform some old and new songs from there many years of performing locally and globally hit after hit including there new songs from “Re-Generation’ that is setting a new standard in deadly music. Corey Noll returned to perform in place of Selwyn Burns giving Selwyn a rest due to schedules. Corey being one of the original band members back in the day. Leo Whyman joined the lineup with her partner performing exciting music that highlighted her unique style.

Blackfire, one of the Pioneering Indigenous Acts have reformed and are in the process of finishing of their 3rd Studio Album titled ‘Re-Generation’. The current band consists of Grant Hansen, David Leah, Selwyn Burns and Brad Brown, with session players joining them to round out that big Blackfire identifiable sound.

The Band have not played for 15 years but their popularity is still high. There New Album features a New Lead Singer in David Leah who also performs under the moniker of Radical Son. David also can sing the Blues, Soul and Rock. He is a gifted singer and has fitted in perfectly with the rest of the members of the Group.

Blackfire kicked off in 1992 recording there first Album – A Time to Dream on the CAAMA Music label and performed over 120 shows in their first year, playing at most of the major festivals and pub circuits across Australia. In 1993 they were Awarded NAIDOC Artists of the Year. In 1994 they Toured Asia 3 times and were a huge success, one Tour Included performing with Archie Roach and Ruby Hunter and Tiddas, all Victorian Indigenous Acts.

In 1996 they teamed up with Crowded House Drummer Paul Hester who produced there second Album Night Vision. Paul was still playing in Crowded House and when he left the Crowdies, Blackfire was the first band that Paul Joined The Album Night Vision was released through Cannon Music too critical acclaim. The guys then made TV appearances on Recovery, SBS Icam and Good Morning Australia Network 10 . These appearances took Blackfire to a much bigger mainstream audience. In 1998 Blackfire toured Australia with Carlos Santana to rave reviews .

Blackfire often played at many Indigenous Festivals with other contemporary Indigenous acts of the time including, Yothu Yindi, Christine Anu & Kev Carmody. In 2006 Blackfire decided to take a well earned break .

Some members of the Group returned to work in Melbourne based Aboriginal Organisations Selwyn Burns the Legendary Indigenous Lead Guitarist returned back to play with Coloured Stone , Kutcha Edwards the former Lead Singer started his Solo Career and Grant Hansen Rhythm Guitarist went on to host the very popular Marngrook Footy Show and he also bought out a Solo Album. During COVID, like a lot of people, Blackfire were at a loose end and the members of the Band decided to put the band back together again.

They thought they had unfinished business. Most of the Songs on the Album were written back before the band went off the road, however, they were still relevant today. They also wrote some new tunes and before they knew it, they had 12 songs. So back into the studio they went to put down these new tracks. The Band now consists of Grant Hansen, David Leah, Selwyn Burns and Brad Brown, with session players joining them to round out that big Blackfire identifiable sound.


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