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Commemorating National Sorry Day in Frankston.

The 3KND Team broadcast National Sorry Day on Bunurong/Boon wurrung country in Frankston at Functions by the Bay. It was great to see so many community members come together for a day of Reflecting on our Past and embracing Reconciliation.

The event was hosted by Connecting Homes Ltd a service for the Stolen Generations, VAACA and Link up Victoria.

We cannot begin to fix the problems of the present without accepting the truth of our history. Sorry Day asks us all to acknowledge the Stolen Generations, and in doing so, reminds us that historical injustice is still an ongoing source of intergenerational trauma for Aboriginal and Torres Islander families, communities, and peoples.

The Hon. Gabrielle Williams, Minister for Treaty and First Peoples

With his year’s theme “Reflect. Heal. Support, to encourage individuals and communities to reflect on the painful history of the Stolen Generations, promote healing and reconciliation, and provide support to those affected by the past policies.

National Sorry Day is a significant event in Australia that is observed annually on the 26th of May. It serves as a reminder of the historical injustices inflicted upon the Indigenous peoples and seeks to foster understanding, reconciliation, and healing.

By acknowledging the pain and suffering endured by the Indigenous communities, we can collectively strive to build a more inclusive, equal, and respectful society. National Sorry Day also acts as a reminder of the ongoing journey towards reconciliation and the need for continued efforts in addressing systemic issues and promoting Indigenous rights.

Celebrating National Sorry Day provides an opportunity to honor the experiences of the Stolen Generations, show support for reconciliation, and contribute to healing and understanding.

National Sorry Day can also be an opportunity for personal reflection and healing. Take a moment to reflect on your own biases, assumptions, and the role you can play in reconciliation. Consider how you can be an ally and advocate for Indigenous rights and work towards a more inclusive and equitable society.

Remember, National Sorry Day is not just a one-day event; it should be part of an ongoing commitment to reconciliation. Let us strive for a future where all Australians can live with respect, equality, and unity.

Thank You to the Following: Eva-Jo Edwards, MC Corey Harrison, VACCA Kyle Van der Kuyp,

Stolen Generations and Director, Connecting Home Limited Liz Laguerre, Acting Manager, support Services Victorian Stolen Generations Reparations Scheme Unit, Department of Justice and Community Safety.

Dave Arden and Kuta Edwards


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