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Day 2 - Tamworth Country Music Festival.

3KnD started off the day with the Balladeers at The Longyard it was a sell out with 400 in attendance. It was then onto the Peel St Market and checking out Todays Buskers, and OMG the talent is unbelievable.

It was then on to the Lindsay Butler Studios open day and what an amazing opportunity to meet Shazza Leigh and Lindsay Butler, seeing so many awards and accomplishments.

We caught Trinity Woodhouse perform before Amos Morris and Man can he sing.

Catching some more buskers in the afternoon "The Dollys" from Aotearoa. Such talent to watch their journey.

3KnD attended Graham Connors at the Capitol Theatre.

Then attended the Toyota Starmaker Grand final top 10.

The winner was announced. the 44th Toyota Star Maker Winner is Wade Forester.


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