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Emerging New Artist Kaiyah Mercedes Talks With Wendy and Pete About Her New Music.

Kaiyah was handpicked by the promoters of the concert from a shortlist of local emerging artists as part of an innovative pathway program entitled Garage 2 Gig Emerging Artists Program.

Kaiyah Mercedes is an LGBTQI+ singer/songwriter who, at just 18 years old, has already gained recognition for her deep and introspective music. Her lyrics are crafted with an intention to connect with listeners, touching on relatable themes such as young love, heartbreak, and the struggles of being a teenager in today’s world. Her music is a testament to her ability to capture the universal experiences of adolescence and beyond.

She performed two special sets in the foyer of the Palais preceding the concert and at intermission, putting her in front of the thousands who attended the concert.

Co-headliner, birthday boy and Australian music legend Joe Camilleri was also delighted to be able to help provide Kaiyah with the opportunity.

“All of us were once where Kaiyah is right now – struggling to make her music heard in a very competitive environment.

“We were very impressed with Kaiyah’s recordings and are delighted that she can join us at our special birthday concert!”

Kaiyah was thrilled about the opportunity which coincided with the release of her new single ‘Hide With Me’.


City of Port Phillip Cultural Development Fund: Cultural Development Fund - Projects - City of Port Phillip


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