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First Nations Woman, Tyali Nelson is creating a safe, supportive space for our Youth in Education

Tyali Nelson is a proud Jaara/Dja Dja Wurrung, Yorta Yorta & Wiradjuri woman from Central Victoria who is currently living and working in Naarm. Tyali has had a progressing history of customer focused roles leading up to this current role. This has helped continue her passion to help to give back to Aboriginal and Torres strait islander peoples in creating a safe and supportive space for our youth in education.

Tyali is currently coordinating and implementing a new program at Melbourne Museum that helps provide career placement opportunities for First Peoples youth across Victoria, a great initiative that she hopes continues for many years to come.

Museums Victoria wanted to create career pathways and opportunities for First Peoples youth to learn and grow in all areas of our museums. As such, our new First Peoples coordinator, Tyali Nelson, with the support of her working group, have created a First Peoples Cadetship Program that includes training and development pathways, with mentoring and opportunities to explore new areas of employment within Melbourne Museum.

Within the 8 months Tyali has not only created, but now started her program with an intake of 5 cadets.

Although we want the cadets to have a department specific interest to help support their passion, we have created a program that allows a full museum experience. This allows the cadets to be exposed to other departments and showcases what happens behind the scenes.

All 5 have started in their programs, one currently in Sciences with her focus being Environmental studies, and the other four cadets being in history, with all different core focuses. We are excited to see everyone's individual success in the program and are planning for bigger and better next year, now that we have laid down the foundation of a fantastic program.


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