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JNewtz - His Story and Drive of being WOKE to his life and his new WTF Show

Story about JNewtz, a well-known and respected Aussie comedian who was sacked for offending his woke boss - and has channeled his anger and disappointment into a new show at the Melbourne Comedy Festival.

JNewtz, together with his comedic colleagues, are 'The WTF Show?!' - a brilliant Aussie trio that is performing at this year's festival. They then head off to the UK to perform at the Edinburgh comedy festival.

JNewtz is highlighting the stupidity of wokeness and how it is going too far and people are being sacked, cancelled and bullied, simply for being Australian.

'I was working at a real estate firm in Melbourne as a photographer and was put in an unsafe situation with a tenant. When I raised concerns with my boss, I was sacked.

"I was told that I offended my boss. Rather than ensure I was safe, wokeness prevailed and I was sacked.

"Apparently it isn't woke to raise concerns about your own safety, you have to check in and make sure everyone else is ok first - even the perpetrator."

"There are people all over the country who have had their lives and livelihoods interrupted, turned upside down and cancelled because of wokeness and it has to stop. Commonsense has to prevail at some point.

"We are not being offensive; we are simply being Australian - and yet apparently being Australian offends woke folk."

This year's show is going NUCLEAR on WOKE.

Tipped to be their best work yet, the Aussie comedians have engineered a highly topical, razor-sharp, hilariously poignant, incredibly funny show about the extraordinary ways woke has impacted our daily lives - turning normalcy into toxic stupidity.

Gender, or rather 'I could be a plant, or possibly a cupboard' is a topic of focus for the show.

The comedic trio of Milton White, JNewtz and Mick Moore are the brains behind the WTF?! Show. All three have been stand-up comedians and performers for most of their lives. Since teaming up together to create The WTF?! Show, the trio has created an extraordinary body of tantalisingly sharp, insightful and extremely clever comedy and amassed a significant and growing following of rusted on fans worldwide. This year’s show is the sixth year The WTF?! Show has appeared at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and WAR ON WOKE doesn’t disappoint.

WAR ON WOKE builds on the trio’s momentum and rave reviews from previous shows, Censored in 2022 and Be Offended in 2021. After taking part in the 2023 Melbourne International Comedy Festival, the boys jet off to the UK where they will appear at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August, the world’s largest arts and media festival.

“You can’t say ‘moist, you can’t assume a person’s gender or even if they identify as a person at all, may be they are a plant. Netball teams would rather sack their benefactor than have funds to play the game and the difference between the internet and the North Pole is that the internet has more snowflakes.

“What started off as a way to call out discrimination has somehow been hijacked by self-righteous people who have had humour bypass surgery to virtue signal themselves to grab social media likes for their fragile egos.

“Political correctness is ruining creativity and livelihoods in all aspects of human activity and is the enemy of humour and creative thinking in general.

“If you are a comedian or a white, privileged male (both endangered species apparently), you now have one of two options: either avoid controversy like the plague or run happily towards it. The WTF Show chooses to run towards it, hence our blatant mockery of all snowflakes.

“If you are woke, easily offended or highly entitled then we welcome you to come to our show and learn a thing or two about humanity, humour and happiness. Will you be offended, probably. Will it kill you, no! However if you are offended and feel oppressed we have a cure for this.

This year’s show is already being touted by many as the trio’s best work. The WTF?!’ Show’s WAR ON WOKE is being delivered on stage at Club Voltaire in North Melbourne during the 2023

Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Nothing is off-limits.

Venue Club Voltaire

14 Raglan Street, North Melbourne


April: Thursday 13 and 20. 8.00 pm

April: Friday 14 and 21. 9.30 pm

April: Saturday 15 and 22. 9.30 pm

Tickets are available at:


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