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Monica Jasmine Karo - MpathSoul Talks About Her Own Musical Journey.

Updated: May 16, 2023

Monica Jasmine Karo – MpathSoul is a proud Gunnai/Kurnai, Gunditjamara & Mukjarawaint woman also with Celtic & Slovenian heritage.

She is a spoken word artist, singer-songwriter, actor, emerging playwright and MC based in Narrm.

MpathSoul infuses her work with a deep connection to spirituality through her ancestry, strong cultural values and her personal experience of womanhood.

MpathSoul is a passionate artist with an empathetic approach to life, people and the environment. For her, a poet’s repertoire is scripted from the mind but sewn into a channelled existence from the heart.

Monica was a special guest on the Midday Rush and yarned with Wendy Brooke about her music, some of the collaborations she has done with other artists, her upcoming shows, awards she has won, and the exciting news that she will be releasing a new single soon.

Monica created a work with Culture Evolves inspired by Wurru-Wurru (sacred kingfisher).

Watch Monica and several other artists at: Fuse Darebin Wurru Wurru

For more information, check outMpath Soul Facebook


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