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Nicholas Brown; Aussie Artist and Actor talking on 3KND about his latest song "Up and Coming"

Nicholas Brown is an artist of many dimensions - actor, playwright, singer, songwriter and screenwriter. The Australian-Indian actor has explored many roles, from genial host on Playschool, presenting a multicultural face to a young audience; and a foray into the celebrated Bollywood Film Industry, making his mark in a succession of villainous characters.

Direct from secondary education, Brown was one of the youngest actors to be accepted into training at NIDA. Roles in Packed to the rafters, White Collar Blue, Home and Away and The Cooks followed - along with unique experiences performing in theatre at various international festivals.

Inspired by his love of '80s pop music, the intro to 'Up And Coming' could be lifted from WHAM's back catalogue, as it offers a smooth, stylised ride through sophisticated bubblegum '80s pop tones and vocals that reach inside your soul.

Other nods to the '80s include Bananarama, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, and Kylie Minogue. "I originally wrote this song with my music partner Justin Gagnon whom I was in a funk band with when I was living in Los Angeles.

When I was back in Sydney my music partner mixed a version of the song which had a heavy rock/funk sound to it. I wasn’t happy with the heavy rock sound as it didn’t reflect my personality. I found the melody to be very catchy so I thought I’d approach a pop/dance producer to re-jig the song. I found a producer in Greece called Sakgra and he created a version that is very eighties - very Italo Disco/Giorgio Moroder. I love it.

The single also has a remix of the song by BASS TRAPS/Tim Hagan/DJ Jonah. It’s a seventies version of the song and it’s super slick and sexy. DJ Jonah and I went to high school together and he played the guitar for me when I performed my singing exams for my HSC. It was really lovely to collaborate with him again after many years.

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