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VAHS NAIDOC Week Elder’s Luncheon - Preston

The Deadly 3KND team went to the VAHS Elder’s Luncheon where they acknowledge and celebrated this years NAIDOC theme; For Our Elders

Today is a return to the Preston Site but also will be having a open Day at Fitzroy Clinic and St Albans Clinic on Wednesday

Todays event is celebrating the NAIDOC Theme “For the Elders” by providing a community, family lunch for the Elders

Uncle Darryl Smith, a strong VAHS Elder and Staff member Acknowledge Country and Welcome everyone to the Event.

Uncle Alan Brown and the VAHS team created a beautiful atmosphere where common its are engaging and having a first class meal and dessert.

3KND Will be broadcasting events throughout the week please check out our social media pages for more information.

HAPPY NAIDOC WEEK - 3KND Keeping Community Connected


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